Renewal Resources

Renewal Resources

Renewal Resources is a nonprofit, public benefit organization serving our community through therapy, classes, groups, support teams and retreats. We offer care and compassion, strategies and support to nurture your inner resources toward bringing light into the darkness with hope, meaning and healing. 

What are Resources for Renewal?

Therapy, classes, groups, support teams and retreats offered by skilled staff who will listen to support and strategize with you for the changes you want in your life and the healing you are seeking. We work with people toward their own goals. You may want to improve your communication, emotional and relational health or parenting skills. You may have experienced trauma, large or small, that left damage in it’s wake that could last a lifetime without intervention. EMDR Therapy often brings dramatic results in shorter time than other approaches.

What ages do you work with?

We work primarily with adults over age 18.

What is your approach to therapy?

Types of Therapy Offered:

Traditional “Talk Therapy”: Client Centered, Strength Based, Supportive, Interpersonal, including helpful components of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Solution Focused: Short Term, Focused on solving a particular problem.

Trauma Resilience Model: Teaches skills to persons with traumatic stress reactions. These skills can bring a renewed sense of hope and ease of managing daily life as this wellness practice is incorporated into daily life.

EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR Therapy is a practical approach toward overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.  Having trouble recovering from trauma, large or small? This evidence based approach employs eye movements or hand taps/vibrations to support brain based re-processing and desensitization of stressful memories such an auto accident, hospitalization, military service, abuse or the death of a loved one . The memories are not forgotten, but usually lose their power to disrupt daily life. They are stored in a calmer format, consigned to a history that supports present day resilience and strength.

Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Direction: We can process your concerns about faith community conflict, how to live what you believe and deal with  thorny theological issues affecting your relationships. We bring skill and support to the conversation. We do not try to convince you to believe what we believe. We support you as you find your own way in a non-directive way.  Spiritual direction (which is actually  nondirective) helps us learn how to live in peace, with compassion, promoting justice as a trained, experienced, trustworthy person listens to our stories.  Through these tools we offer you the opportunity to receive encouragement for healthy decision making and cultivate your own ability to discern God’s presence in your life.

Financial Matters:  Payment is due at the time of service. $135 is the full fee for a 45-50 minute session. $150 is the full fee for a 55 minute session. $200 for 60-75 minute session.   Occasionally there may need to be a short session 16-37 minutes which costs $100. Weekend and holiday times are only scheduled for emergencies. Those rates are $200 for 55 minutes. The weekend is defined as Friday-Sunday.

Sliding Scale:  Fees can be reduced to $135, $110 or $80  The Sliding Scale is based on financial need, time, work in service to the community, length of appointment, and number of people participating in the therapy.

Checks would be made payable to Renewal Resources. 

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Health Savings Account

The charge on your card will indicate payments made to Renewal Resources.


We are “out of network” with insurance companies which means, we will need to collect payment in full at the time of service, unless you are receiving service through a grant. You may request a receipt that can be submitted by you to your insurance company. They will then reimburse you according to the details of your insurance plan.

Group Rates: Rates for classes and groups vary.

Call for more information: 408-420-7895

Group and Workshop Renewal Resources

Available to be scheduled at your site or ours

Support Teams

Are you concerned about someone living with Alzheimers, AIDS, a special needs child or some other long term special care need?    If your struggle is likely to last a year or more, organization and training can be provided to assist in the formation of small service groups who work together to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support. See our page on Support Teams.

Parenting Classes

Surviving or thriving through the stages of your child’s life?  With your peers you can find helpful tools and encouragement to live and laugh again in your family. Call to find out when the next set of classes is scheduled or to schedule classes for your organization.

Anger Management

Begin understanding your anger and its sources, controlling emotions, identifying the related health concerns and learning new ways to interact.  The trainer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified in Anger Management Facilitation by Anderson and Anderson Psychological Services.


Who should forgive whom?  Do you need to forget?  How long should this take?  Is this for your own benefit?  What are the social and ethical results?

Grief Recovery Group

Some issues considered are normal expressions of grief, loneliness and depression, failure to grieve and grief gone wrong, goals, dreams, and family systems, moving, suicide, sudden death, miscarriages, stillbirths, abortion, and AIDS.

Spiritual Growth Retreats

One day or weekend, speaker sessions  and/or workshops

Rekindling Joy and Purpose

We are built to carry hope and to love those we encounter in our communities. Along our journey we can miss steps that hinder our growth and diminish our capacity to care. In this 9 week workshop we’ll explore where joy or hope was lost and help you restore your life’s purpose in a supportive, caring environment. The topics will be based on healing Erik Erickson’s stages of life.

Infancy: Trust v. Mistrust

Early Childhood: Autonomy v. Shame & Doubt

Play Age: Initiative v. Guilt

School Age: Industry v. Inferiority

Adolescence: Identity v. Identity Confusion

Young Adulthood: Intimacy v. Isolation

Adulthood: Generativity v. Stagnation

Retirement Age: Integrity v. Despair

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten: A Workshop for Parents

Your child will be making a big transition from depending fully on you to trusting a new kindergarten teacher. These trust transitions set the stage for your child’s successful engagement in class and future school career. We understand how these emotional attachments are transferred and want to help you build the bridge your child needs to launch safely into a classroom. We’ll also share with you a checklist of necessary skills for assessing your child’s readiness to engage in the classroom with personal confidence and an eagerness to learn.

Anger Management: Anderson and Anderson Curriculum

Other Seminar Options:

Stress Management

A Recipe for Healthy Parenting

Five Duties of Grief

Meditation and Mindfulness in Christian Spirituality

Freedom and Forgiveness: Competencies and Complications

Balancing Boundaries/Strengthening Support

Anger Management

Training Offered:

Support Teams: a group of volunteers working together to offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support to individuals and families with health care concerns or other special needs.

Managing Anxiety while Reporting Child Abuse

Clergy Sexual Misconduct Prevention


See our Who are we? page for more information.

Renewal Resources